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Personal Trainer Right Now is dedicated to aligning you with the most appropriate personal trainers and nutritionists in your area to deliver cost-effective results.

The cost of personal trainers and nutritionists has increased to levels that often make them unaffordable to many Americans. Our alignment platform gives you the choice of qualified and affordable trainers for in-gym as well as in-home training and dietary support. Our personal trainers also provide video call services for on-screen training that is a great way to “check in” and build a rhythm on your performance path.

Why Now

The internet is a powerful resource, but it is also mired with misinformation about workouts and fad diets. We believe that every American deserves a personal trainer to help guide and support their specific wellness needs and goals. As Americans face increasing challenges with rising food costs and rising levels of obesity, we are here to help right now. It’s time for you to reach your goals, and Personal Trainer Right Now is the hub on your wellness wheel. The fitness and dietary tactics are the spokes of the wellness wheel to help you reach your goals. On the food front, we focus on whole and healthy foods that are grown locally, to the highest extent possible. What is good for you is also often good for the planet.

Alignment Counts

Choosing the right personal trainer and nutritionist can significantly impact your health and fitness journey. Here’s what to consider for each:

Personal Trainer

  1. Certifications and Education: Look for trainers with certifications from reputable organizations like the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), or similar. A degree in exercise science or a related field is a plus.
  2. Experience: Consider their experience, especially in areas relevant to your goals (weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation, etc.).
  3. Specialization: If you have specific goals or conditions (like injury rehabilitation, sports-specific training, or pre/postnatal fitness), find a trainer with expertise in that area.
  4. Personality and Training Style: Your trainer should have a personality and approach that motivates and suits you. Some people prefer a more encouraging coach, while others might want someone who pushes them hard.
  5. References and Reviews: Check testimonials or reviews from other clients. Personal recommendations can also be valuable.
  6. Availability and Location: Ensure their availability aligns with your schedule. Consider the location of their training facility for convenience.
  7. Cost and Contract Terms: Understand the pricing, session length, package deals, and cancellation policies.
  8. Initial Assessment: A good trainer should offer an initial assessment to discuss your goals, health history, and any physical limitations.


  1. Credentials: Look for a Registered Dietitian (RD) or a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), as they are accredited and have met specific professional criteria.
  2. Specialization: If you have specific dietary needs (e.g., diabetes management, sports nutrition, vegetarian/vegan diets), find a nutritionist specialized in that area.
  3. Approach to Dieting: Ensure their philosophy and approach align with your preferences and lifestyle. Avoid those promoting quick fixes or restrictive diets.
  4. Experience and Success Stories: Similar to personal trainers, look at their experience and success stories, especially in areas related to your goals.
  5. Communication Skills: They should be able to explain complex nutritional concepts in an understandable way and be a good listener to understand your needs and concerns.
  6. Ongoing Support: Assess their availability for ongoing support, follow-ups, and adjustments to your dietary plan.
  7. Cost and Insurance: Check the cost and if your insurance covers their services.
  8. Initial Consultation: A good nutritionist should offer an initial consultation to discuss your health history, dietary habits, and goals.

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Learn more about our founder Charlie Szoradi, a Sustainability Professional, who is also the founder of our sibling resource Future Food Right Now.